Reptile Rescue Life

  • Bearded Dragon as a "Starter Pet"

    We get this question on a regular basis:  My son/daughter is wanting a reptile.  What do you recommend for a starter pet?

    Hands down, a bearded dragon!  Why?  Because:

  • Regroup & Punt in These Uncertain Times! Commercial Rodent Facility Under Construction!

    While the rescue is, and will always be, my central focus...I have decided to breed rodents here in Texas.  We have been raising rats and mice in NC for the past 6 years
  • Information & The Internet - Best Places To Get Good Advice

    It is a fact that today, we have information OVERLOAD.  Anyone with an opinion can post on their Facebook pages, websites and in the forums. As much as I like to hear about actual experiences, there is a lot of MISINFORMATION floating around!  The New Pet Owner Is LOST trying to find out the most credible information on how to care for the animal that has won their hearts.  Often times, they fall prey to bad advice and both the animal & Owner suffer because of it.

    What to Do???