Bearded Dragon as a "Starter Pet"

We get this question on a regular basis:  My son/daughter is wanting a reptile.  What do you recommend for a starter pet?

Hands down, a bearded dragon!  Why?  Because:

1.  They LOVE humans and will enjoy being held by a person that shows them       love and affection.

2.  They need daily care and maintenance.  Stewardship teaches responsibility       & builds personal bonds between owner & pet.

3.  Relatively inexpensive to get started.

4.  So many different morphs to choose from!

5.   They can take them places out in public on a leash or in a carrier for                  enrichment.

5.  If it doesn't work out to be a good fit, they are easy to re-home.

We have care sheets, complete with food choices to post on the fridge.  I'm available for any questions, before, during and after the adoption.  

I have a bearded dragon as my own pet and love this choice of animal.  Mr. Magoo is my daily companion and I love him dearly!  I love them so much, I'm starting a breeding facility, here in Texas, just for Bearded Dragons!  Site prep is underway.

We have Gently Used Tanks & Set-Ups Available in the NC location, to make the start up cost very affordable.

If you want to know more about these wonderful creatures or are ready to adopt and start enjoying one of your own, don't hesitate to contact me!

Text:  336-212-0556


*We also will take surrenders by appointment.  Contact me at the above number for arrangements*

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