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*Blow Out Clearance *

Since Raleigh & Greensboro are our local events, we will be cleaning house of extra tanks and decor.  This is your chance to build great habitats at an affordable price.

JR gives a very informative lecture:

Raleigh:  "How To Pick The Perfect Pet".

Greensboro:  "Tarantula Choices & Care"

We offer healthy, beautiful animals that are appropriate pets along with rescues that have recovered and are in need of that permanent loving home.

We hope to see you there!

Mission Statement

Our core mission is to promote education on general care and provide a safe haven until re-homing for snakes, reptiles and small exotic animals.

We are a rescue as well as responsible breeders of snakes, reptiles and small exotics striving to provide education and wellness advice along with your adoption/purchase to ensure a great experience for you and your pet.  We thank everyone for the tremendous support that keeps our dream alive!

Lifetime Adoption

It is inevitable that, over time, we encounter animals that will become permanent residents.  Currently we have Rita; a reticulated python that has matured out to be around 18' long.  She came to us as a rescue 5 years ago, starved, scared and in desperate need of a loving home.  We answered the call and fell in love.   She has become our ambassador. Rita has been a joy from day one.  She is always interested in interaction with the educational groups and loves to travel to the shows with us and meet new people. 

If you are interested in being a foster parent via support, we would love to hear from you!  We offer special visitation, continued video and picture contact, showing you where your donation is supporting this beautiful and wonderful animal. 

Her habitat needs expanding and her appetite is tremendous (as is her appreciation for her care).

  She is waiting to meet you!

If interested in sponsoring this magnificient animal, please contact us via email:


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