About Us

It's been a life long journey of animal care that brought us to starting an official rescue.  Our story begins with a little store in Graham, NC.  The Pet store: K & S Pet Nutrition, was to fund our rescue.  We had no idea there was such a great need.  Reptiles and small exotics had no place to go.  Most rescues were for domestic dogs and cats or the animal shelter.  We jumped in with combined experience and hit the ground running!  

We outgrew our little 800 sq' shop in 6 months.  Our second location, in Burlington, NC was 2500 sq' and we outgrew it within the year.  Our next move was to 6000 sq' in the BMOC outlets, Burlington, NC.  We loved our stores.  It gave us the opportunity to house educational programs and have large habitats in-house for field trip opportunities and we loved it!  The opportunity presented itself for us to purchase a farm in Guilford County.  10 glorious acres with a pond suitable for many habitats and the ability to care for the swelling number of animals in need of rescue and re-homing.  We took it!  The store front was very expensive and we made the decision to close and apply that money to habitats for the rescue.  We continued our participation in programs and Reptile Shows.  Due to zoning laws, the farm is closed to the public.  Covid-19 canceled the Reptile Shows and ability to perform the educational programs so we became a mobile service, servicing the Greensboro, Burlington area.

I'm Selena Ursery.  Founder and Owner of Piedmont Reptile Rescue, bringing a lifetime of animal love and knowledge to this labor of love.  My professional animal experience stems from years working as a veterinary assistant.  I'm also an ordained minister and share my love for animals and people.  I have moved to Texas to be near my grandchildren and have expanded the rescue as Piedmont Reptile Rescue West.  It is farm based, just as NC and offers the exact same benefits and services.

JR Jones, is now the curator of our North Carolina Location.  He has custody of his 10 year old grandson and is known in the industry as "snake man".  He has a lifetime and wealth of reptile knowledge.  His love for snakes and all animals brings tremendous benefit into the business.  He continues the mobile service.

The need for reptile rescue is tremendous.  Resources are limited and the amount of animals in need of care and re-homing grows each year.   We gladly face and meet those challenges to the best of our abilities with your donations, adoption fees and sales.   We thank everyone that has helped us grow and continues to help us be a much needed service to our communities.  Click on the Donate Button and Give What you Can.  It's All About the Animals!