Regroup & Punt in These Uncertain Times! Commercial Rodent Facility Under Construction!

With the election details skewed to hither and Yon, trying to make plans going forward seems very problematic.  We had planned on vending at a few shows here in Texas but have changed direction, at least until March or April, when we can hopefully have a better idea of the economy.

While the rescue is, and will always be, my central focus...I have decided to breed rodents here in Texas.  We have been raising rats and mice in NC for the past 6 years.  It goes hand in hand with a large population of carnivores.  NC customers continue to enjoy the service and we offer excellent under market prices so no pets go unfed!

I plan on the same service in Texas by mid-summer.  I will offer weekly delivery as a mobile service, same as we currently do in NC.  There will be a separate feeder list available by location.  *No Shipping/ Local Pick Up Option Only*.

When the shows are safe to vend and the public attend again, we will be a presence offering affordable live and frozen feeders

I am also expanding the Rescue here in Texas.  I've collected a wide variety of pets that I do not wish to rehome and will be giving them fabulous habitats.  My office is going to be outstanding as a Serious Woman Animal Cave!  My desk will be surrounded by animals & plants - jungle themed and I am so excited!

I know the past year, and the current times are full of questions and concerns.  My heart goes out to all the animals struggling and my prayers to all of you doing your best to take care of them.  If the struggle becomes too much, I am here and ready to help.  No judgement, no questions.  Just compassion & help.

I'm hoping for the end of COVID-19 & life to settle back down for all of us.   "God Bless Us Everyone."

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