Frozen Mice

Frozen Mice

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We Freeze To Order So Your Feeders Are Guaranteed Fresh!

Place Your Order Here & Specify Which Location You Would Like To Take Delivery:

Wednesday Evenings Each Week:

5:30 - 7pm  : 2371 Corporation Parkway, Burlington NC (In the BMOC)

7:30 - 8pm : 1601 Wiley Lewis Road, Greensboro NC

Due to the High Cost of Shipping, Customer Pickup at these locations is the economical and only choice at this time.

Instructions for Frozen Orders:

*** Our Orders are frozen to order - FRESH -
You will be asked to sign a release upon receiving your frozen order confirming it is solid frozen. We are very diligent in our process to guarantee a healthy feeder.
*** Please bring a cooler with frozen packs or ice to complete your journey home.
Animals have a very short window of spoilage once deceased. We freeze immediately after euthanization. Your ride home must be considered when keeping an order fresh. It must not Thaw and should be immediately placed in the freezer upon arrival home.
If you have a multi rodent feeder pack, only the rodent to be fed should be taken out for thawing. Keep all others completely frozen.