What It Means To Be A Rescue

Occasionally there are people that don't understand what being a rescue really means. This is today's email, which I get similar ones a few times a year:
"Why so expensive? I can find XYZ females for less... Is it because it's a female? (Not trying to offend. I just want to know why.)
Here is my response:
I'm a rescue and have different expenses than a for profit breeder. Adoptions, sales and donations are what keep our services available. There aren't many true rescues for reptiles vs domestic animal rescues. The need is great, the expenses are overwhelming. When you buy or adopt from a rescue, it's helping other animals. If someone is shopping on a budget and precise cost is important, buy from a retailer or competitive breeder. Purchasing from a rescue helps cover costs for the really expensive treatments and long term care of hard case surrenders that no one else sees. You also have a resource for questions and education. I'm available because it's a passion. The facility costs are staggering and vet care will always be a large expense necessary with all animal care whether healthy or sick.
I hope this answers your question and gives understanding to a very underserved and undervalued service. Competitive retail pricing is not our focus. Keeping our doors open for continued community service is our goal.

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