The world is re-opening with the ending of the Covid nightmare saga.  It is a welcome sight to greet people again and see those smiling faces!  With these developments, the reptile shows are back in full force and we are happy to be a part of them.  Our education programs are available again as well as events such as birthday parties, etc... We are excited!  Text us and discuss your event: 336-212-0556.


New Developments are an on-sight, by appointment only storefront in progress on the NC Rescue Farm.  Details will be announced on the website as it opens.  We are hoping for early May!  This will give you a chance to come and visit the animals and handle them before making your decisions on adoption.  We will offer a range of basic products; bedding, bulbs, tanks, bowls, hides, decor...  Both new and used to help you create the set up that meets your budget.


The NC location is growing!  JR has worked really hard constructing more buildings to house the growing rodent population.  The website is available for ordering each week and the delivery schedule is posted on the home page of the website.  When the storefront opens, Greensboro feeder pickup will be from the farm.  Burlington was our first customer base and you all have remained loyal throughout the years.  We will continue our mobile service to that area.


Just a huge shout out of appreciation to everyone that contributes to our rescue.  There is such a tremendous need and by supporting us with your adoptions, product purchases and donations, we can continue to offer this service to the community.   THANK YOU & WE LOVE YOU ALL!

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