Tradeshow & Life Impact of Covid-19 Mayhem - We Need Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Tradeshows and Covid have been an oil and vinegar mix for us folks that like to reach a larger population through the shows.  I find it a happy medium reaching more people with education regarding reptiles and their care.  The store was costing precious resources that are now given directly to the animals.  That is what farm life does for a rescue.  Buildings go up and more and more animals can be accommodated.  It's awesome!

In our hay days, the shows were packed and fun!  All types of animals could be seen.  The mood was light and friendly with people proudly socializing their pets as they walked the isles.

We shared stories and helped make memories.  Encouraged many to take that first step to overcoming their snake fears and actually enjoyed holding one!



Boom:  We are being told for the first time in MY lifetime that we have to stay at home, wear a mask and businesses had to shut down.  Where the heck did I wake up?  China???  In that faithful morning, my world, along with millions of others, took a drastic change.  I no longer had a job, yet I still have the same bills as the day before.  How am I going to eat?  How am I going to feed all these animals?  Lord, the power bill, the animals lives depend on that!  Not destroy my credit?  The list goes on and on.

Oh Crap, I can't go see my elderly family members and have to worry about my aging friends.  

I have a rescue full of animals and no income...  marinate on that for a moment.

I hit my knees and said, where is the lesson and how can I serve others?  This is a historical time in my life.  I feel compelled to do something.  I can't just SIT and loose everything.  I have people and animals depending on me for their very lives...

As always, my prayers are answered.  Money came in through internet adoptions.  When I needed food, there was a way.  When I needed to pay a necessary bill...the money came.  I helped the ones closest to me with my time and service.  Many animals came in and continue to come in through this very trying time.  I always have what they need and a place to put them.  God is good.  It's all him because the math has never added up, even before this change in protocol.  Those that were fortunate enough to not be financially challenged have given donations and all the animals continue to receive the best of care.  I am truly blessed!

The shows are trying to make a comeback.  I gave two a shot but the crazy restrictions placed by the governing bodies have made it so that it isn't financially possible.  I have made the decision to wait until 2021 and have shows booked with a different show venue.  I have high hopes that we can slowly work our way back to the good ole days of packed shows and fun.  After all the trials and tribulations we as a nation and a people are going through, we need that light at the end of the tunnel...

I for one, am ready to say GOODBYE to the Mayhem and Hello Sunshine of 2021!

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