Thankful End to 2020! What's Next in 2021? It seems like everything we cherished as "normal" was sent skidding helter skelter and "bizarre" is the word for the day.

This has been a year for the books!

It seems like everything we cherished as "normal" was blown helter skelter and "bizarre" became the word of the day.

Our economy was victimized as never before in my lifetime.  A terrifying illness floating around like something from a horror movie coupled with riots and lawlessness, mandatory mask wearing and curfews!  Separated from our loved ones and vacations cancelled, while terrorists groups and racial protests swelled in great numbers.  It's been a very hard year for most of us.  The world became a much smaller place as a result and it begs the question, "What are we in for in 2021"?

This Christmas season, I am taking the time to reflect on the happenings of the year and finding positive to be thankful for.  For me, I am thankful for the slowing down of the rush.  Staying home made me get to know myself better and find areas to improve upon.  It helped me slow down and REST.  Chores are caught up and my mind doesn't feel like it's in a tornado anymore.  I've taken stock and set priorities.  My prayer time increased substantially, thereby increasing my inner peace. was different.  I lost the ability to vend the trade shows and that was the bulk of funding needed to keep the rescue expenses paid.  Instead, the online sales picked up during the lock-down periods.  That was sure a blessing!  I've moved half-way across the country this fall and in the midst of continued lock downs and restrictions have the chance and time to add a rodent breeding facility to the Texas location.  That building is underway and should be operational by March and open to the public. I'm using this quarantine time to expand and be ready for life at full speed once the restrictions are finally lifted.  I feel very fortunate as some other businesses, large and small, have not been able to survive the economic devastation that we had no warning about or recourse to prepare for. 

In closing, let me say this:  In 2021, I pray for all to have a thankful heart, a warm, safe place to sleep, food to eat and loved ones to share life with.

We continue to care for the animals and are open and ready for any surrenders.  The times are challenging and we are here to help.

Merry Christmas and God Bless

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