Rescue is NOT a Retail Store - It's A Refuge For The Voiceless

I get asked periodically about the pricing of adoptions.  This is my response and I hope it helps people understand more about how a rescue works.  We are NOT a big box retail store.  We are a Reptile and Small Exotics Rescue.

A rescue is a very expensive labor of love.   It's costly to have and care for one animal,  now multiply that times hundreds.  We're retired and live an extremely minimalistic life so we can care for them.  People that adopt from us know the funds are going to help with costs on many animals that require a lot of treatment,  many of which are not adoptable and end up in long term care.  There is so much more to a rescue than meets the eye.   It can not exist without hours and hours of time and always needed funds.  Our funding comes from adoptions, feeder sales and personal donations.  There is no money to be made on rescue animals.   Adoption fees never come close to covering costs.  Surrendered animals are not free.  They require vet checks, quarantine, food, habitats, facilities, care,  all before even being considered for adoption.   People use us as a dumping ground shirking their responsibility for taking their pet to a vet, or have just mishandled their care completely.   I recommend Volunteering with a rescue and experience first hand how much goes into keeping it running and that will give a good sense of the purpose and service represented.  

Since we are not a retail store, our adoptions are ALL rescues and the cost is staggering.  BUT, the need is GREAT so we continue to do everything we can to keep the animals cared for including treatments, procedures and special needs.  Some habitats are very large and permanent.  We do not adopt out animals that we think are an endangerment to the general public or are not suitable for family pets.  Those animals have to be housed until we find permanent placement in professional facilities.  

So when I get asked, "why are your prices so high"...I explain the above in the hopes they will understand that we do this out of love for the animals coupled with the great need in our society to help protect them.

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