Living Again In A Post Covid World & Rescue Expansion in Texas

As the world slowly gears back up in a post-covid environment, business is also coming back to life.  The trade shows are re-opening and admitting to capacity.  It's wonderful to offer that experience again! - A sea of animals, products and knowledgeable vendors to peruse and bond with that perfect pet!  It's been a breath of fresh air to shed that awful mask!  My smile is back out in the open.  I love to see the expressions of glee and wonder on the kids faces (and some adults) as they take in all the different animals and excitedly ask question after question.  The mentality of folks has changed back to that of love and caring, sharing and reaching out to our fellow man.  Let us pray that we do not return to those darker days just past.

Even before Covid, we were quarantine farms.  It is the best way to protect our animals so we have adapted to being a mobile service.  We continue to offer weekly delivery and meet by appointment.  The website has a collection of the rescues up for adoption, the opportunity to donate to our cause directly, purchase feeder rodents/insects  or purchase merchandise.  I try very hard to keep it up to date, but with so much going on with the animals themselves, it doesn't represent the population available or the inventory of jewelry properly at all.  I'm trying!

Texas is expanding.  We were fortunate enough for Solitaire Homes in Abilene, to donate a building!  It's a metal 16' x 65' building and we are in the process of retooling it for our purposes.  It's been constructed and currently the electricity, hvac and plumbing are being installed.  Racks are being built so when the interior is ready, it's go time to fill it!  It's all very expensive and we operate solely on donations, adoptions and web sales.  If there is any amount you wish to donate, it is NEEDED and very much APPRECIATED.  If there is an animal just calling your name on the adoption me!  We also have jewelry for gifts.  It ALL adds up and keeps the rescue services available to the community.  Caring for the animals is it's own reward for me.  I love my animals and I love my life surrounded by them!

TEXAS:  An entire wing is dedicated to Bearded Dragons.  These are such lovely, wonderful creatures!  They have won my heart and I am enjoying the expansion knowing I can take care of more and more of them.  They require specific size & Equipment Habitats.  Any donations towards them would be very helpful! 


Both the Texas & NC locations are currently breeding feeder rodents and raising inhouse insect feeders.  NC has it's delivery schedule posted on the homepage of the website.  Texas is in the growing pains stage and not offering to the public yet, but it is coming very quickly!  Check back often and be the first to see the announcement!  



Without your continued support, our rescue services would not be available to our communities.  We love getting pictures and updates on our adoptions.  The reward of seeing them healthy and happy in new forever homes is our goal!  The jewelry and gifts purchased are hand picked by me.  I offer the items I find cute, inspiring, or unique to our industry.   Every dime goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of the animals.  THEY SAY THANK YOU TOO!

In closing, I want to say how supportive everyone has been in our industry, throughout this trying pandemic situation.  We pooled our resources, continued to take in as many animals as possible and have met some wonderfully amazing people from all over the country via this website/facebook/instagram & social media in general.  We are very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, needed industry and spend our days making the lives of animals better!

Thank you all again and God Bless!


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