Cold To Hot! Moving Forward into 2021

The Winter adventure in Texas was quite the ordeal for many.  I'm very sorry for the folks that lost their collections due to power outages.  I can't imagine the grief of finding all your pets like that and my heart goes out to each and every one that experienced that sadness.

My next challenge here in Texas will be the HEAT.  I'm building a commercial rodent facility since the availability of live feeders is in high demand.  It won't be long before this part of the country swings into triple digit heat and I will be trying to keep my animals "cool" instead of "warm"!

I invite you to send me your live requests so I can build to suit my local customer base.  I am in Clyde Texas and will easily serve the surrounding area in a 50 mile radius.  Pet Stores, I will be visiting you in the coming days to give you the opportunity for fresh weekly delivery of live feeders at an affordable price! 

I will be setting up at a meeting spot, one day a week in Clyde for customer pick up of orders.  I'm looking at locations now that will provide us with some weather protection during the pickup times.  Do you own a business or building that you would donate the use of one day a week for about 4 hours? Contact me:  336-212-0556.  Watch the website homepage for announcements as we grow and change.

I believe this industry needs affordable feeders, especially in this economic time of uncertainty, so your pets can continue with a healthy food regimen and not break the bank!

The Rescue is in Full Force!  Texas location is open and running and the NC location is currently at capacity for Iguanas and water turtles, it's rodent facility is growing back to capacity and will be completely in-house again very soon.

This is an exciting time in our industry.  With Covid-19 changing everyone's routine of vending at the trade shows to shopping on-line...wearing masks and not touching anything or anyone has been a real game changer.  The restrictions are slowly lifting and the shows are trying to come back.  It's been a slow process and most have canceled along the way.  Some had weird hours for attendance and didn't do well.  The Smaller Shows, including Herpshows  know how to protect our industry, their vendors and keep YOU, the consumer-herp lover- Happy too!  Good job guys and Thank YOU!!!   I'm looking forward to vending with Herpshows this year.  I'm booked for a few shows in the Fall.

Online Sales continue to be a good avenue to find what you are looking for from the comfort and safety of your own homes...Thank you to everyone who have adopted from us through these trying times.  It's expensive to run a rescue and the support has been my catalyst in continuing on!  I try to keep the website updated with the rescues coming out of quarantine.   Lots of new babies coming up soon!  Keep checking regularly so you don't miss your next Perfect Pet!

I am available for questions, advice, information or just to talk.  I love my industry, my animals, and most of all helping to educate properly so future animal generations are healthy and happy!

336-212-0556   Text   Since I'm Always Out In The Rescue Working With The Animals!

Thanks again for Your Support - Have A Blessed & Herpy Day!

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