2020 What a Bizarre Year! Rescue, Ministry, What's Coming in 2021

I don't really know what to say about 2020 but here goes!:

The trade shows were not producing crowds and the funding for the rescue was looking pretty slim.  I started questioning if I was doing the right thing...But then, I look into the eyes of the animals that come to me and I know that I AM.  I just have to figure things out and find a way.

Covid - 19   Such a monster run amuck in the workings of our lives.  It's also an election year and it's just mayhem.  All of a sudden, we are required to stay at home, wear a mask and "Don't touch ANYTHING"!  What the hey???

I lost the ability to travel with the tradeshows and scrambled to sell assets and save the rescue.  I do what ever it takes to continue with my animals.  They are my passion, not a hobby.  I truly love them and care for them as my own pets until they find forever homes.  Failure is truly not an option.  They need me/US!

What is this world coming to?  I'm pretty sure I've had Covid even though all the tests were negative.  I had pneumonia and was the sickest I've ever been in my life.  If it wasn't for friends, I don't know what might have happened to me.  Thank you for breaking the social distancing rule to take me in and care for me when I was at my weakest point! (My friends know who they are).

So, the tradeshows are nix...can't leave the house, bills are due...Ahhh2020.  What a bs year for the books.  A stimulus check came out and that covered diddly squat but all the other bills had to be deferred...Deferred, such a nice word for I'm going to kick you in the behind later!

Later came...  Here we are...  botched election, told to stay at home AGAIN and all the while, animals are steadily pouring in because life is kicking everyone in the teeth right now!  

Me?  You ask?  Thanks... In May, I became an Ordained Minister.  Not for the purpose of preaching, but for the overwhelming feeling inside to provide ministry support for those in need.  God directed me to a small town in Texas and here I begin my journey.  The animals need help and so do our fellow man.  These times are unprecedented and hard.  My aim is to help and feed the hungry so in establishing my rescue here in Texas.  My next endeavor is to open a soup kitchen and keep a food bank operational. We have so many homeless, hungry, cold, dirty and in need of medical attention.  It is my desire to help with these needs.  Piedmont Reptile Rescue West is a symbol of Hope and Opportunity.  It is my most sincere desire to continue to help the animals and also combine it's effectiveness with the ministry of people in need.

Every purchase, donation, adoption goes to establishing this goal.  I thank all who participate in making this dream a reality.  The Animals Thank YOU!

None of us know what is coming down the pike but if we all strive to take care of each other, watch after the animals that depend on us, and keep compassion first and foremost in our hearts...We will leave our loving mark on the world.  Let kindness be your word of the day and selfless be your motive.  I promise you, the rewards are worth it!

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