Mission Statement

We are a rescue as well as responsible breeders of snakes, reptiles and small exotics. We strive to provide education and wellness advice along with your purchase to ensure a great experience for you and your pet!

You can book us for educational experiences or unforgettable birthday parties. We continue a relationship with the Boy Scouts, 4-H Groups, summer camps, schools, adoption fairs, fundraisers and greatly enjoy anything creative, such as theater productions, photo-shoots and more!
Our core mission is to promote education on general care and provide a safe haven until re-homing for snakes, reptiles and small exotic animals.

Selena Ursery is the founder and owner of Piedmont Reptile Rescue. She brings a lifetime of experience with small animal care. Starting this project turned loving business was in direct response to the tremendous need for animal rescue and the growing lack of public education.

JR Jones is our snake man with experience starting in the 1970's. He got his start with Rudy Miller, owner of The Tropical Pet Shop in Greensboro and the hands on, life time collection of Rudy's experience was priceless. It ignited a lifelong passion for all animals, especially snakes and reptiles. He is available for questions and always eager to help.

We thank everyone for the tremendous support that keeps our dream alive!